Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance

The program works for enhancing human rights’ education and practices, promoting the values, concepts and practices of democracy , enhancing good governance in prevalence of integrity and transparency. Additionally, strengthening the Participation of women in all political, social and economic aspects, enhancing the culture of dialogue and acceptance of others within the democratic process under the rule of law.

:Main achievements under this program

Significant contribution to national reconciliation in active involvement of All ethnicities, minorities and religious denominations of the Iraqi people as main actors in social .peace building

Sponsoring signing a pact of honor by young leaders in the political parties- students’ movement representatives to .socially and politically support national reconciliation

Increasing level of awareness regarding HRs in general and legal rights in particular for various categories (youth, women, universities and high schools’ students , male and female prisoners, community leaders and activists and children’s caregivers

Raising awareness of law enforcement bodies (police men& women, police officers, prosecutors) as well as judges and lawyers on HRs and its practices within the process of .detention, investigation and during trials

.Contribution to empower young leaders in political parties for further participation in decision making

  : we active in alliances and networks  through .women for women Coalition to combat violence against women